Year 5 Museum Takeover!

Well done to all involved in the King John’s House Museum Takeover right at the end of last term! We are so incredibly proud of you all!

We had rave reviews from members of the public, the Romsey Mayor, our federation Headteacher and members from the local council to name but a few!

The projected film you had all made about Agincourt and Henry V made interesting watching, the Horrible Histories songs about each monarch on the Ipads were very entertaining and the displayed work was of a very high standard and really informative!!

Visitors on the day were treated to bespoke tours of the house given by our knowledgeable children.  They were delighted by the freeze frames prepared by the children, pushing a button to allow the ‘actors’ to come alive!

Just some of our reviews…

Congratulations on an excellent afternoon at King John’s House. Thank you so much for inviting me.

The pupils showed excellent subject knowledge of the historical characters and the actual house and its history. They were polite yet friendly and my hosts made the experience superb. They and the brilliant tableaux pieces really brought to life the times and context of the house through its many stages of development. What an marvellous way to bring together so many areas of the curriculum and use modern technology and references to pass on the knowledge.
 You, the school, the parents and most of all the children can be justifiably proud of their achievements culminating in running the museum.
Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all concerned.
Dr. Patricia Brown
What you achieved was truly impressive..
Rich, challenging and creative learning, phenomenal!!!
Mrs Cottrell

The children came over as having a good grasp of a wide period of British history.  Their ability to question evidence, evaluate and work out answers from their knowledge showed a good understanding that must have come from good preparation and teaching prior to the visit.

Sarah Hargreaves – King John’s House Museum




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