Year 3 Stone Age – Poo and Caves!

Year 3 have had an excellent week back, becoming immersed in their new topic – ‘Stone Age to Iron Age.’  After analysing real cave paintings, Year 3 decided to create their own! The children made paint from animal fat (vegetable oil!!) and soil or coal. They then used this to paint their own cave drawings to tell their friends a story. It is hard to tell a story without using words but the children did a brilliant job!

Next the children were given some, very well preserved, Stone Age poo which they dissected to find out what the Stone Age man might have eaten. In the poo they found: fish bones, a small piece of fur, egg shells, seeds, apple pips and thread worm! EWWW!

School Direct Training

Wellow were so pleased to, once again,  host the annual history day for School Direct students.  The students learned how to incorporate the Hampshire History 6 step enquiry into their planning and had a go at many exciting history activities!

We wish the students well in their new careers as fantastic primary history teachers!


Year 5 Measly Monarch Museum

A fantastic display of the children’s work was on show at King John’s House in Romsey as the children gave informative talks about the history of the museum and an insight into Britain’s most measly monarchs!

We had many visitors in the afternoon – one lady had come from Australia and said how bowled over she was by the whole experience! It turns out, she is also a teacher and now hopes to offer a similar experience to her class!!

Well done Year 5!!!

Year 1 Explorers

Little Explorers from Year 1 had a great time learning about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.

Here a some snaps from the beginning of their learning unit, using things we found outside to make an extremely exciting place for our lego figures to explore!

S.S Mendi – Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring the significance of the S.S Mendi tragedy.  They were shocked that the story of the Mendi, which is one of our biggest local naval disasters, is relatively unknown in the local area.  This inspired the children to tell the story of the Mendi to the local community through the Rock Challenge competition (which they won last week)
The children felt that it was a huge injustice that the men were never awarded medals for the bravery shown and felt they wanted to do something to correct this. The children set about creating their own medals to award to the descendants of the Mendi in honour of the men who died and also wrote letters to Theresa May, explaining why it was important for them to do so. 
In recognition of the work the children had done on the S.S Mendi, we were lucky enough to be invited to take some of our children to the centennial remembrance day at Hollybrook Cemetery last Monday.  The children were proud to be able to pay their respects, creating a wreath to lay on behalf of our school. On the wreath, the children had crafted their own poppies and protea – the South African national flower. 
 After the ceremony, the children were delighted to meet HRH Princess Anne.  The children were amazed by the wealth of knowledge the Princess Royal shared about the disaster. 
The children were invited back to the reception, where they heard many stories of bravery from the descendants.  The children were able to award their medals to the families of the men lost, which were gratefully received. 
 It was a really poignant, touching day that the children will remember forever.  They understand that they are able to learn from the past and feel morally responsible to make a positive difference to the future  – that is a lesson worth learning.

Rotten Romans attack Wellow!

The Year 3 classroom was invaded by Rotten Romans on Tuesday this week!! The children were able to handle artefacts, learn some really horrible history and learn how to become a truly Rotten Roman!

A super day was had by all and I am sure the children will astound you with their new found skills and knowledge!